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As most of you are probably aware, Governor Holcomb of Indiana issued a Shelter in Place Directive starting Wednesday March 25th, 2020. This impacts just about everyone, except Health Care and other essential industry workers. In order to fulfill our role in the healthcare system and ensure the well being of our patients, staff, and the community at large, we are adapting the following until April 7th, 2020:
  1. If you are running a consistent fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more, have a persistent cough, and or difficulty breathing, we ask that you not come in. This doesn't mean you have the Coronavirus, but it is possible and it would be best if you called the health department for a quick verbal screening to see if you fall into a category that would warrant further testing.
  2. If you are living with someone who has received a positive test for Coronavirus, we ask that you wait two weeks before scheduling to come in.
  3. If you have been diagnosed with chronic lung disease, heart disease with complications, have unstable diabetes, or are otherwise immune compromised (undergoing cancer treatment, etc.), or if you are over 70 years of age, we ask that you let the staff know before scheduling so they can have you talk with the doctor before coming in.
  4. In order to minimize risks, we are shifting to an "As Needed Pain-Based Model" for the next few weeks. We understand that during these stressful times, things can be quite overwhelming and literally fry your nervous system! If this is the case right now for you, we stand ready to help reset your system and get you out of pain and suffering, and we will be working in the office on that basis. Hours at the office may shift to meet the need. Once you have an appointment scheduled, rest assured, we will be here. However, if you need to pick up supplements or want to stop in for an adjustment, PLEASE CALL FIRST! We may be opening or closing at varying times over the next 10 days.
  5. We will continue to follow our sanitary protocol of wiping down tables, cleaning pens and surfaces routinely. as well as washing/sanitizing our hands (as should everybody!).
These are challenging times, but it isn't the first time in history mankind has faced peril! Keep a knee on the ground, hands ready to serve, and an eye towards heaven. I think amazing stories will come from all this!

Please feel free to call our office with any questions or concerns regarding both our hours and your health. And since there are times when we may just be hanging out, if you have a prayer need, please feel free to pass that on to us!

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By Care Chiropractic
February 05, 2020
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Hi... It Has Been Awhile!


I hope 2020 is off to a good start for you and your loved ones. The last quarter of 2019 was very busy for us here at Care Chiropractic, and my newsletter intentions got away from me! I decided to try something different for 2020. Between the three doctors, we hear so many fun and interesting things at the office every week, I thought it might be informative and entertaining to share some of them with you. It might be a question about a health issue, so maybe you will get an answer to a health question you have been looking for. Other times, we have a funny moment that just brightens up the week and, hey, who can't benefit from that? I hope you enjoy hearing about some of the comings and goings in this little corner of the world. We sure enjoy sharing it with you!
This week's snapshot has to do with some of our younger patients!

Have a good week!

Drs. Doug and Sue, and Dr. Markley

"This Should Be a Commercial!"

A young mother of four said this to me as one of her twins was laughing and turning around to see what was going on while he lay on the adjusting table. I couldn't help but laugh myself and think about my boys when they were young. She had all four kids in for a check-up, no particular problems, just wanted to get them adjusted. When I asked if they had any injuries since the last time I saw them, she kind of chuckled at the twin boys and said nothing more than being a little boy. As I watched them bounce around the room, I knew just what she meant! You could tell they were a close family because his older sister came over and held his head down on the table, and he didn't mind. It was actually quite helpful! Everybody took their turn. Some liked the manual adjusting ("cracking sound"), while others preferred the Impulse instrument (especially the younger sister). One thing was for sure: everybody liked the buffer (vibration)!

We enjoy seeing kids in the practice. Some come in from time to time to keep ahead of the day-to-day impacts like these guys. Some come in for chronic ear infections (especially to Dr. Markley for adjusting, plus nutrition) and some come in before they are even born to see Dr. Sue (Webster Technique for breech babies)!

We recognize the trust given to us when people ask us to check their kids. They really are God's gift, not just to the parents, but to all of us!


“What Are You Lookin At?”

All right! Looks like the summer season is finally over and, with it, our summer blog series “Dr. Doug’s Top 10.” I hope you enjoyed reviewing it as much as I enjoyed pulling it together. Typically, I blog about chiropractic and health topics that I find helpful personally and for patients, as well as health and wellness items that I want to learn more about. 

This fall, we are going to take a different approach and see what you might be interested in and already looking up online, and then filtering it through the chiropractic lens.

Becker’s Hospital Review posted a list of the top Googled healthcare conditions by state for 2018, ranging from opioids to anorexia. Indiana’s top Googled healthcare condition is ADHD, by the way. It was fascinating to see how diverse the list was and how different states could be from one another.

Let’s Focus On a Few!

There’s actually quite a number of different items spread out over the 50 states, but I have narrowed it down to eleven for this series. I picked a few that I had never heard of (quarter-life crisis in Connecticut), some that I already had some background in (ADHD in a number of states), and some that hit us all especially in the winter (pneumonia in Alabama, ear infection in North Dakota). I left a number off because chiropractic was unlikely to have a direct impact on them.

The format will loosely be:

  1.  Background on the topic
  2. How chiropractic may affect it
  3. Broader look at health and wellness approaches (exercise, nutrition, etc.)


It’s All About Perspective

I turned 55 this year and, while I can’t say I have flocks of young people seeking me out for great pearls of wisdom, I do believe I have learned at least a few things, one of which is: Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet! It’s always good to get several perspectives on a topic before forming an opinion, especially one that has such a high impact value like your health.

It is my intention in this series to look at some of the things that concern us most, regarding our health, and see how we might be able to encourage the natural abilities of our bodies to heal and stay well. I hope you enjoy it!

Next week, we will start with Alabama and pneumonia!

Yours in Health,

Care Chiropractic
Lafayette, Indiana

By Dr. Doug Williams
October 09, 2019
Category: Top 10

This is the last of our summer series on ten of my favorite posts over the years (I only ended a week late!). This week’s review post is on the importance of getting out and moving, no matter where you find yourself in life. This one has been hard for me, as I have been dealing with a chronic knee injury over the last twelve months that has really only started showing substantial improvement in the last four weeks. I am hopeful that I can sign up for some spring running races – something I was unable to do in all of 2019.

The lay-off has forced me to look for different avenues to stay moving and to get outside in different ways than I am used to. Still, every time I move beyond just the daily requirements of life, I am rewarded. God brings us into this world, moving and wiggling, and I believe one of the ways we experience life best is when we are as active as our frame will allow. It is good for the brain, body and soul. Consider this very basic, fundamental, yet critical, gift in life and see where you can add in a little more this week!

Read Dr. Doug's Post: Let's Get Moving


Yours in Health,

Care Chiropractic
Lafayette, Indiana

Dr. Doug’s Top 10: Mentally Activating Your Nervous System

This week’s “Best Of” is on how to get your frontal lobes and autonomic nerve system fired up. In this post, you’ll find some practical approaches to keeping your mind sharp and your stress down – two pretty important things to focus on, as we start into the holiday season and deep throes of winter (hey, don’t shoot the messenger!).

Read Dr. Doug's Post on Mentally Activating Your Nervous System


Yours in Health,

Care Chiropractic
Lafayette, Indiana

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