Chiropractic Date Night

Most of you know our series this year is called Overheard in the Office This Week. Last Friday, Valentine's Day, we were sitting at our staff meeting and I asked the crew for any stories or anecdotes they had heard this week. The first one involved a two-year old streaker, which was very entertaining, but I think I will let that one cool a little before I relate the whole story.

The next thing that came up right away was "Chiropractic Date Night." I was a little perplexed, to say the least. However, Liz, Susanna, and Dr. Sue all chimed in right away with affirmation that we have several couples that use a chiropractic appointment as a reason to go on a date! One couple that I see monthly meets at our office after work to get adjusted, then go out to eat. I didn't even know that! On Friday, we actually had not one but two couples that were going out after their adjustment. One went to brunch, the other headed over to Core Life for lunch. Date night isn't just for couples though. Dr. Markley has a patient that likes to use an adjustment as an opportunity to treat herself to a meal out.

Personally, I love that. Nothing against an Internist, but an appointment with one of them usually doesn't leave you with a hankering for Chik-fil-A (the exception might be if they did fasting blood work)! Sometimes after I have my teeth cleaned, I like to have a mocha frappuccino from Starbucks, but don't tell my dentist. He might be reading this!

I hope all of your visits at our office leave you feeling like celebrating. We are sure happy you come in and see us!

Have a blessed week,


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