I Think I Am Getting There...

This week, I was working on DD, another health care professional. He had been dealing with a long-standing hip issue that was ebbing and flowing over the first half of the year. DD was very diligent in doing his homework and he was making progress, just not complete resolution! As is customar, I asked him how he was doing this week. His tongue and cheek response:

"I think we are getting there, wherever there is!"

Later in the week, I had another conversation with a patient regarding their treatment goals. They expressed the outcomes they were aiming for in their 60's was very different than when they were in their 20's.

That got me thinking about my own life purposes and goals. For example, in my 30's, my goal was to one day run a marathon. In my 50's, it is to be able to run as many years as I can, and then to walk as many years as I can after I can't run anymore! I am pretty sure all of those who have gone before me had that same epiphany moment in life: that time where you stop trying to control everything and start just becoming thankful that you are still here to participate.

The first half of the year has definitely caused a lot of us to reevaluate things. My hope and prayer for us, as individuals and as a nation, is that we are able to pull back a little from the chaos that surrounds us, take a breath, and be thankful we are still here to participate! DD was not right where he wanted to be, but he knew he was headed in the right direction and he was willing to keep working on getting there.

May that be the same for all of us!

Yours in health,

Care Chiropractic

Lafayette, Indiana

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