It's Not How Much Pressure You Can Take... But How Much Do You Want!

This week's "Overheard In The Office" phrase is actually used by me (Dr. Doug) and I say it a lot! Usually, it is in reference to using a trigger point ball. For those of you who don't know, a trigger point ball (also known as a tennis ball in a sock) is something we use to eliminate tight and pesky knots in your hips, back, and neck muscles while at home. It involves placing the ball against the wall, leaning into it, and moving around until you find a sore spot (you can watch our YouTube training video if you like).

Typically, a patient leans up against the wall with the ball in between the shoulder blades. The first thing you usually see in their face is uncertainty, but wait for it... annnnnddddd then you see the grimace! That means they found a spot! I am not sure what it is about pain, but often people really lean into the sore spot and make some pretty uncomfortable looking faces. It is at that time I say, "It is not how much pressure you can take, but how much do you want."


Walking the Dog

Personally when exercising, whether walking, chair squats, or the trigger point ball, I find it most productive to avoid the extremes. If I go too slow or don't apply enough pressure, nothing really seems to get done. Likewise, if I push too hard and create a lot of pain, my body pushes back with muscle spasm, breakdown, etc.

I liken it to taking a dog for a walk. After the initial excitement of getting out the door wears off, every dog I have ever had seems to settle into a "trot." A trot is a really efficient pace that allows the dog to move forward, sometimes for hours, without really wearing out. Sure, there is the occasional burst after a squirrel or lingering at a mailbox to see who has been there, but, by and large, it is a steady progression of moving forward.


I am not sure about you, but the last few weeks seem to have been kind of a flat spot for me on a lot of levels: physical, spiritual, emotional. Maybe it is all the energy expended in getting through the events of the spring and yet not quite finding resolution to the issues of the day. I know pain can be productive and too much rest can be destructive, but sometimes it is hard finding some middle ground.

Prudence tells me to take the breaks when I need them and when available, but not to sit too long. May God grant us the strength and wisdom to press with just the right amount of productive pressure personally, and as a nation, as we step into life each day!

Yours in health,

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Lafayette, Indiana

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