Key Systems in Health and Frailty

We have just started a new blog series on Health and Frailty. In it, we will be working through material found in a journal article from The American Geriatrics Society. I came across this article several years ago when I sought to understand the body as it aged and how to help it age better. What I found surprised me. Not only was there a lot of interest in the subject, but a lot of ground work has already been done. Something I did not expect to find was that most, if not all, of the material described was applicable to all age groups, young and old alike. These issues impact all of us. Everyone can benefit from understanding what systems govern your body in health and frailty, and how to support them over a lifetime.

Key Systems

  • Inflammatory
  • Endocrine (Hormone)
  • Skeletal
  • Neurological
  • Integrative

​First, we will paint a picture of what it looks like when these systems start to have problems working together as a whole (this is what you will recognize as frailty).

Next, we will look at what each individual system looks like when functioning correctly and when compromised.

Finally (and this is the best part), we will be looking at how you can improve each of these systems at any age!

This blog series will be more technical than previous ones, but if you are willing to put in the time to understand how your body works and how to support it, you will not be disappointed. Investing in your health at any age will allow you to live and experience life to its fullest!

Doug Williams, D.C. Care Chiropractic Lafayette, Indiana

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