Tech Syndrome

Technology Syndrome

Technology Syndrome

For the next few months we are going to go over what has been deemed "Technology Syndrome". It has been deemed that by.........Me! If you do an internet search for "Technology Syndrome" you won't actually get a single source or definition of it, but you will get some interesting leads. Everything from addiction to devices to Nintendo thumb to Frankenstein Syndrome (Being frightened by technology). The closest thing I found was Disruptive Technology Disorder which was coined in a 2017 Article in Historical Neurology. From the abstract:

Based upon an analysis of 6 major historical technological advances over the last 150 years, a new syndrome, disruptive technology disorder (DTD), is introduced. DTD describes the human health ailments that accompany the implementation of disruptive technologies. Elevator sickness, railway spine, and bicycle face* are representative examples. Though the underlying causative disruptive technologies may differ, many neurologic symptoms (headache, dizziness, weakness) are common to multiple DTDs. Born of technology-driven societal change, DTDs manifest as a complex interplay between biological and psychological symptoms.

This gets pretty close to what we are looking for. However, we are going to narrow it down to six specific problems that have arisen over the last ten years. For the most part these are secondary to phones and computers, and the postures that go with them. In addition, rather than just describe them, we will go over some ideas on how to treat or better yet, prevent them!

This six we are going to cover are:

TMJ Issues (Temporomandibular Disorder) Headaches Shoulder Pain and stiffness Carpal Tunnel and related disorders Lower Back pain Anxiety and Depression

Big Picture

Big Picture

So how is this going to shake out? For each condition we will cover the following: What the condition is How to know if you have it What you can do to help yourself When you should seek professional care A few of these conditions might wrap up in one or two articles, while others might take longer (but it will be worth it).

I am looking forward to bringing you this information. Investigating and writing about specific health conditions always helps me to better address it when it walks in the office door. If you get questions regarding any of these conditions as this article series unfolds, please feel free to call the office, and I will be happy to get back with you and help in any way I can.

Yours in Health,


Doug Williams, D.C. Care Chiropractic Ps * Yeah, you know I am going to have to do an article on Bicycle Face !

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