We Interrupt This Program...

We Interrupt This Program...

Wow! The last newsletter I sent out was March 14th, 2018. Where did the time go? I hope those of you whom I haven't seen in the office since then are doing well. The main reason for the interruption of this series on Exploring the Paleo Lifestyle was the unfortunate passing of one of my younger brothers, Mathew Albert Williams. He passed the week after the last newsletter went out. This obviously hit our family hard and put us into "emergency operations mode" for awhile. Also, as most of you are also aware, we said goodbye to our long-time Staff Lead, Geri Warner, in July when she moved to Florida. We have had quite an eventful middle part of our year!

God Wasn't Caught Off Guard With Matt's Passing...

I was, but God wasn't. It isn't how I wanted things to play out, but I know He knows best. I am also of the opinion that we must have needed a big break between blog posts - maybe we've just been waiting for someone to get on the train and you're here now - so let's get going! I started out this year with the intention of completing a series on exploring the Paleo lifestyle. We have been working through Paleo Magazine's special edition of Go Paleo: The Step-By-Step Guide to look at how our pre-industrial ancestors lived. Part of the reason the Paleo movement has taken off is because a lot of the diseases we deal with today, like cancer, heart disease, autoimmune issues, etc., were not nearly as prevalent in our fore bearers. The argument could be made that people were just dying of something else instead, like war and pestilence! While I am sure that may have also been true, some of the issues we face today are likely lifestyle based. The last topic we reviewed (ironically enough) was on getting rest: Protecting Your Sleep. The topics we have left to finish out before the end of the year are:

  1. Enhancing Sleep
  2. Unplugging
  3. Connecting with Others
  4. Strategies for Sunlight Exposure
  5. Strategies for Getting Out, Moving, and Playing

I am aiming to get this all wrapped up by Christmas - my present to you! Look for a post or two every week til the end of the year. I encourage you to review the whole series as you head into 2019 - now is a good time to start planning on a healthy and happy new year!

This is a picture of my brother Matt (he is the tall blonde guy - people used to get us confused all the time!). He made me laugh a lot, shared my bent on politics that broke with the rest of the family a little bit (this made for lively conversation and plenty of practice for all on patience), and I loved him very much. He will be missed, but I take comfort again in the fact that "God wasn't caught off guard." I look forward to sharing the rest of the story on Paleo with you before the end of the year!

Yours in Health,

Doug Williams, D.C. Care Chiropractic Lafayette, Indiana

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