"We Will Get Out Of Your Hair... Well, Not Your Hair!"

I hope this week's installment of Overheard in the Office finds everyone healthy and whole! This week's post was actually from a month ago until it got preempted by a National Emergency! While keeping you pain-free and operating with a sound nervous system is our main job, I also recognize encouragement is one of the best things for peoples hearts and lives. One of the small ways we can bring encouragement is sharing some of the stories that go with serving the amazing people we get to see everyday: you! So, here is the story, just a little late.

This week, we had a very unique day. We had three sets of sisters come in to our office on the same day! Two in their 30's, two middle aged, and two, shall we say, a little further on. All of us here at the office love seeing each pair. They are fun and enjoyable as individuals, but together, it just seems more than double the fun. Plus having three sets in the same day was just really cool.

While I could tell you stories about all of them, the thing that stood out came from our more "seasoned" pair. After an adjustment and very enjoyable encounter with both of them, one of them said: "Well, we will get out of your hair." Then, she looked at the top of my head... paused... and with a twinkle in her eye, said, "Well, not your hair." I thought that was really funny, as did the staff when I told them.

What I didn't know was that the fun wasn't over!

As we were talking about this at the Friday staff meeting, Liz and Susanna said after they came out, the other sister sat down next to a new patient waiting in the reception area and asked her how long she had been coming. When she found out she was new, she said, "You should be okay. He won't hurt you on the first visit." She then proceeded to tell her how much her and her sister liked our office! When I saw the new patient in a treatment room shortly after, she was super friendly and in a good mood. I am pretty sure that started in the reception room!

I know our main job is to provide solid, reliable chiropractic care to as many people as we can, but I am so thankful that God has also allowed us to share in the little moments of life with each and every one of you. You really make even difficult days here at the office enjoyable!



Care Chiropractic - Lafayette, Indiana

PS. For those of you who are patients of Dr. Sue or Dr. Markley and haven't seen me directly, here is a picture of Maisey and I so you get a comparison for the "hair" reference!


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