Where Are You Going ?

Where Are You Going ?

I hope you all are having a good week! "Where are you going ?" Was heard several times in the office last week. It was in reference to Dr. Sue and I taking off last Thursday and Friday from work. To be honest taking off of work when you own, operate and are the main producers for a small business is pretty hard to do. Sometimes it seems like more work to take off than to just keep working !

For most this year had a long period of anxious "forced down time". Others found themselves conflicted because they had to work while others were off, but knew they should be grateful to have something to do! Currently most of us find ourselves waiting. Waiting to see if COVID roars back onto the scene, waiting to see how the election goes, waiting to see if a shortened season helps Purdue football, waiting for something!

We have come to realize over the years though, that for our hearts, heads, bodies and marriage that we needed to practice the discipline of stopping for at least a short time and taking a posture of gratefulness and rest.

Care Chiropractic has been blessed to be very busy over the last six months. We count it a privilege to be of service to all of our great patients. Still, Dr. Sue and I needed to take a few days off to rest our own nervous systems, a chiropractic adjustment can only do so much!

Pretty Trees.jpg

We Opted For Michigan.....Muskegon and Grand Haven To Be Exact !

Mostly we settled on this because we didn't want to spend all day in the car! This area was about four hours from Lafayette, and while last weekend might have been a little warmer, there was some beautiful fall colors and some off season prices ! Mostly we hiked, had a few picnics and worked pretty hard at not talking about work, or politics or COVID. It wasn't like it was all going away while we were off, more like the world was going to continue on whether we worked it all out in our minds or not!

Kite.jpeg The Best Thing We Did.......

Probably the most helpful and healing thing we did was fly a kite! My Dad had given my brothers and I some money back in September for our birthdays. He put only one stipulation on it: That we would use it for something we otherwise would not have spent money on. Sue and I had talked about this over the last month, and to be honest with you, we couldn't really think of anything to do with it. Truth is we are both pretty frugal people outside of buying too much coffee at Starbucks. We were walking through some shops in Grand Haven when we came upon this awesome power kite . For those of you who don't know, a power kite is a heavy duty kite with two separate strings with a fixed length. You fly it on a really windy day and you can get it to turn and move across the sky really fast. We had one when we were first married and really enjoyed it, but somewhere along the 34 years it got lost. When we saw this one in the store, we knew we had found our frivolous expenditure ! We took it out to the beach and flew it for a little while, but it was actually too windy and we were afraid we might lose it! We headed inland a ways where it wasn't quite so gusty and flew it until the sun went down and our hands were frozen stiff. We laughed and hooted and for a short period of time didn't think about anything but that moment. We found our posture of gratefulness and rest.

As I write this on Saturday morning, we have returned to Lafayette, and guess what ? The world hasn't really changed much from when we left. But for a moment, our hearts did.

We are back ready to serve you with a Chiropractic Adjustment when you need it, and our desire and prayer for you this week is you find a place that invites you into a posture of gratefulness and rest, and that you take it!

Care Chiropractic Lafayette, Indiana

PS: Dr. Sue had a good time !

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