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“What Are You Lookin At?”

All right! Looks like the summer season is finally over and, with it, our summer blog series “Dr. Doug’s Top 10.” I hope you enjoyed reviewing it as much as I enjoyed pulling it together. Typically, I blog about chiropractic and health topics that I find helpful personally and for patients, as well as health and wellness items that I want to learn more about. 

This fall, we are going to take a different approach and see what you might be interested in and already looking up online, and then filtering it through the chiropractic lens.

Becker’s Hospital Review posted a list of the top Googled healthcare conditions by state for 2018, ranging from opioids to anorexia. Indiana’s top Googled healthcare condition is ADHD, by the way. It was fascinating to see how diverse the list was and how different states could be from one another.

Let’s Focus On a Few!

There’s actually quite a number of different items spread out over the 50 states, but I have narrowed it down to eleven for this series. I picked a few that I had never heard of (quarter-life crisis in Connecticut), some that I already had some background in (ADHD in a number of states), and some that hit us all especially in the winter (pneumonia in Alabama, ear infection in North Dakota). I left a number off because chiropractic was unlikely to have a direct impact on them.

The format will loosely be:

  1.  Background on the topic
  2. How chiropractic may affect it
  3. Broader look at health and wellness approaches (exercise, nutrition, etc.)


It’s All About Perspective

I turned 55 this year and, while I can’t say I have flocks of young people seeking me out for great pearls of wisdom, I do believe I have learned at least a few things, one of which is: Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet! It’s always good to get several perspectives on a topic before forming an opinion, especially one that has such a high impact value like your health.

It is my intention in this series to look at some of the things that concern us most, regarding our health, and see how we might be able to encourage the natural abilities of our bodies to heal and stay well. I hope you enjoy it!

Next week, we will start with Alabama and pneumonia!

Yours in Health,

Care Chiropractic
Lafayette, Indiana

By Dr. Doug Williams
June 10, 2019
Category: Updates

It’s Summertime!

It seemed like it would never get here, but it finally is summer. The last few weeks, we’ve had some travels, but last week’s blog finished up our winter/spring series on Practical and Reasonable Ways to Regain and Retain Health.

I really enjoy writing and truly hope that the information we’ve been sending to you over the years has been a blessing and encouragement. We have been writing this blog since early 2016 and actually have over 70 different posts on health and wellness!

This summer, I am going to do something different: I am going to go back through the 70+ posts and pick out ten that contain information that has and continues to impact me personally and the way I practice and live life day to day.  At the beginning, I will add a few comments regarding any new information or changes that have come out since the post was first shared.

Most of the time when I come up to the office on Saturdays to write, Maisey typically comes with me, but usually just gets bored and falls asleep. Liz always seems to know when we’ve been up here on a weekend… something about black fuzzy fur by her chair.

I look forward to reviewing and sharing with you some of the most impactful information we have written about over the last four years. I really appreciate all of you who read these posts! It has given me a reason and purpose to explore health and wellness to a depth I just wouldn’t have gotten to if I wasn’t writing to teach and inform another. So, thanks! Look for the first summer installment next week!

Yours in Health,

Care Chiropractic
Lafayette, Indiana

PS: Don’t tell Liz Maisey was up here!