A Walk Around The Island

This week's Overheard In The Office is short and sweet. Sometimes, that is all you need to keep you going!

I have been working on MK recently. He has been a patient in our office for a number of years. Usually, he comes in on his own, but recently he has been accompanied by his wife. On his first visit, I saw her in the reception area. On the second, she came into the treatment room with him.

One of the things I have always enjoyed about MK is hearing about some of the different places he and his wife travel. They have been retired for awhile, but I am pretty sure they don't let much grass grow under their feet, at least until this year! COVID and an unfortunate health event put a stop to their usual exploits, but apparently it hasn't kept them from doing things. I was working on MK and talking with his wife when the topic of getting out and about came up. Without missing a beat and with a slight smile, she said, "I get out and walk the island most days!" I must have looked confused (but I think she knew I would), so she went on to explain the island was the island in their neighborhood!

How awesome is that? They couldn't travel to an island, so they found one right in the neighborhood!

unnamed (4).jpg

Where Do You Find Yourself Today?

Maybe you are not on the island you have been looking for. However, I'll bet if you adopt the attitude of MK and his wife and walk a few laps around it, you might just be OK with the view for a little while longer!

Stay strong and carry on!

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