Do You Need To Go To The Bathroom?

Believe it or not, this was "overheard" in the office this week! I actually had three great quotes to choose from. Besides the bathroom question, I had: "I plan on living to 100" and "My hands looked like I had strangled a Smurf!" I really wanted to use the one about the smurf, but I haven't quite figured out how to parlay it into an educational or inspirational moment!


If you have been paying attention this week, I am sure you have noticed more cars out on the road and people out and about. Stores and some restaurants have started to open up, and folks are starting to go places. We have seen an up-tick in the office this week as well. Friday was an especially busy morning. It seemed like, besides regular adjustments, there were more than the usual number of patients that needed stretch or tennis ball instructions. In any case, I had gotten behind.

Somewhere around 10:30, I started to note the all-too-common signal that I had too much tea earlier in the morning! Believe it or not, when doctors get behind, they do know it and are usually trying to catch-up, sometimes by forgoing a potty break! I was making up a little ground by the time I pulled into room two at 11:30 and saw Sherry's friendly and familiar face. We have known each other for probably 20 years.

She looked up from the chair she was sitting in and said "Do you need a potty break? You have been moving around here like crazy!"

The question caught me off guard - not because I didn't need to go, but most of the time, it is me trying to figure out how to make people more comfortable, not the other way around. Wow!

"Yes, yes I do need to go, thank-you! I will be right back!"


Sherry didn't "owe" me the break. After all, she was the one being inconvenienced by me being behind. Still, she looked past having to wait and thought about how it might actually be affecting me. How cool is that?

Thanks, Sherry. I knew there was a reason I always like seeing you!

After Friday's encounter, I decided I need to carry that attitude in mind as I start moving around town more over the next few weeks. I am sure I am going to be "inconvenienced", but maybe once in awhile, I can look past it and give someone permission to use the bathroom!

Have a great week!


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