When I was 21, I thought I was anything but frail. I was ready to take on the world and, often times, to my own detriment, did. At 52, I am still ready to take on the world, but hey, give me a few minutes, I need to warm-up first!

Today marks the start of a new blog series. Over the next few months, we are going to be exploring an area of health care science termed "Frailty." One definition of the word frail is: weak or delicate, easily damaged or broken, fragile or insubstantial.

Frailty is probably one of those things best described as: "I don't know what it is, but I will know it when I see it!"

On some level, we are all frail - young, old, or anywhere in between. It takes various forms, and ebbs and flows through the seasons of our lives. The reality is, that's part of being human. I personally believe God builds that into our creation to help us to see our need for Him and for each other. Regardless of your metaphysical view point, frailty and weakness is a reality for all of us!

Doc, why are you covering this material?

All blogs are really written for the interest and benefit of the author first. As an author, you hope that the things you write and teach ultimately end up helping others along their life's journey, or at least get them to use your products or services!

At 52, I don't consider myself old. However, my kids might, while a few of my patients and friends would think I am just a young guy! I have been around long enough to recognize a few things that put me on this journey:

  • I have begun to see some of the inevitable "cracks" in my own body.
  • My wife and I have recently lost a parent to a debilitating disease and, while blessed with three others still living, I recognize the inevitability of time's demands on our human framework.
  • I have seen enough patients over the last 25 years to understand that how you live your life at any age is going to impact you later down the road.

It is the last bullet point that has motivated me to explore this topic in depth. As I review the research on health, performance, aging and, specifically, frailty, I have found that we can impact our current health status at any age. Whether we are talking about physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, there are things you can do that directly impact how you experience life, whether for the better or worse.

The technical information we will be going over (including how to improve things) regarding your physical being will be grounded in my professional training and clinical experience. From time to time, I may also give some insights on mental, emotional or spiritual matters, which will be coming from my experience as another human just trying to make it in this world.

I am looking forward to discovering and sharing with you new ways and ideas on how to regain and retain health over a lifetime. I hope you stay with me - I think it will be worth your time!

Yours in Health,

Doug Williams, D.C. Care Chiropractic Lafayette, Indiana

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