Is That Red Crayon?

I hope this week's installment of "Overheard In The Office" finds you enjoying the sights and smells of summer. Dr. Sue and I started a walking program in May and discovered our favorite flower scent is... barbecue grill!

In any case, let me share with you what was overheard in the office this week. It was actually spoken by none other than yours truly: me! I was getting started on my day last Monday when I came into the treatment room and started to look at J's travel card. For those of you who see Dr. Sue or Dr. Markley, when patients that are seeing me sign in, they are given their travel card and a pen, and asked to write the pain numbers for their neck, back, etc. on their treatment card before I see them. Often times, they leave it on my desk prior to me coming in the room. As I started to look at J's card, I noticed the numbers were written in red. That by itself is not unusual, as sometimes a red pen makes its way into our pen cups or a patient uses their own pen to record the information. However, as I kept looking at the numbers, I realized the reason it really caught my eye was that the numbers were kind of fat... and waxy looking. I turned to J and asked, "Is that red crayon?" We both laughed and she explained she had gotten in the room without a pen and the only thing she found in her purse were some crayons (she uses them to keep the younger of her two sons busy when necessary)!


What Is In Your Purse This Month?

J has been a patient in our office for a number of years. She was sent in by her mom who we also see. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that she had a crayon in her purse or that she improvised as necessary to get the job done. I mean, that is basically the definition of a mom, isn't it? But it did get me thinking on a broader level, especially as we are all wrestling with coming out of one of the most defining events in recent history. What kinds of things have you put in your "purse?" Okay, guys, I know we don't carry a purse, but maybe a backpack or the backseat of the car. You get the idea. We all carry around things we think we might need to make it through the day. I think the last few months have given some of us the opportunity to metaphorically go through the baggage of our life and clean some things out we really don't need, and maybe add some things in we really could use!


For Dr. Sue and I, we have added the aforementioned nightly walk to our "purse." It has given us time together to talk through the day and decompress, and a way to get some much needed exercise. It has pushed a little TV time out of our lives (okay, mostly mine. Dr. Sue is more of a reader), but the exchange has been worth it. Maisey (our dog) also seems to like the new activity, except on really warm nights. I am curious as to what you might have added to your "purse" lately, and what you have taken out. If you get a chance, send me an email ([email protected]) and share your story with us!

Oh yeah, we may be adding a grill to our purse in the near future!

Yours in Health,

Care Chiropractic

Lafayette, Indiana

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