What To Do About the Flu

The blog series for this year is entitled "Overheard in The Office Last Week." Mostly what we heard last week was coughing and sneezing! Apparently, winter has NOT PASSED US BY! Chances are if you haven't gotten the flu, you know someone who has. This week, let's touch on some practical things you can do:

  1. To keep from getting the flu.
  2. If you think you might be getting the flu.

First off, a disclaimer: As serious as coronavirus is, the chances of getting it are pretty rare here in the heartland. Likewise, the Influenza Tracker on the CDC website lists the overall rate as similar to previous years with about 10,000 people confirmed hospitalized from October 1, 2019 to February 1, 2020.

This stuff is serious, but most of the time not fatal. Usually the very old, very young, and the otherwise very sick (i.e., cancer, poor general health) are the ones most at risk. If you fall into one of these categories or you just feel like things "aren't right," seek out direct medical care.

To Keep From Getting the Flu:

  • Vitamin D, especially during the winter months
    • Adults: 2000 to 5000 IU per day
    • Kids: 35 IU per pound of body weight per day
  • Good sleep
  • Avoid eating garbage (sugar, chips, cookies etc.) - instead, go for fresh veggies and fruit, as well as lean meats
  • Regular exercise
  • Wash your hands
  • Get adjusted!

If You Think You Might Be Getting the Flu:

  • Continue with the above
  • Get even more sleep
  • Start on some Ginger Tea to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation
    • like to add a stick of cinnamon to the cooking process, and either a slice of lemon or orange
  • After talking with our resident Nutrition Expert (Dr Markley), he suggested three products in addition to Vitamin D:
    • Tri-Guard
    • Andrographis
    • Zinc Lozenges

We carry Andographis and Zinc Lozenges in the Lafayette office, while Dr. Markley can bring Tri-Guard from his Rensselaer office. If you want to pick any of this up, just call the office to order!

For most of us, if we get the flu, it usually lasts about 5-7 days (miserable ones, I will grant you that!). Paying attention to your health after you have recovered from the flu is as vital as what you do to prevent it. Revisit the steps outlined above aimed at prevention... and work at those all year long!

Remember: Your body is constantly fighting off bugs and disease, and it is the strength of your system that keeps you healthy, not the strength or weakness of the bug attacking you at the moment!

Live a healthy life
Take the time to recover when you need it
Get back to living a healthy life!

Yours in Health,


Care Chiropractic - Lafayette, Indiana

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