The New Nordic Diet

In this week's blog post, we are going to look at something called the New Nordic Diet. The New Nordic Diet is actually relatively recent (thus the word "new" in the title!). It was developed to incorporate foods found in the Nordic Regions into a healthy eating plan.

Research into this type of eating/diet has shown improvement in:

  • Blood lipid panels (risk of heart disease)
  • Improved insulin sensitivity (risk of diabetes)
  • Blood pressure
  • Weight loss

The easiest way to think of the New Nordic Diet is to take the Mediterranean Diet and move it 1200 miles north! Now, obviously some things are going to be a little different in Norway than Italy.

For instance: [wpsm_comparison_table id="2"]

Similarities in the New Nordic Diet and the Mediterranean Diet:
  • Both emphasize plant based foods (fresh fruits and vegetables)
  • Both encourage moderate amounts of fish, eggs
  • Both encourage whole grains
  • Both limit dairy
  • Both incorporate healthy fats
  • Both limit red meat, processed foods and sweets
Differences in the New Nordic Diet and the Mediterranean Diet:
    • The New Nordic uses canola oil, instead of olive oil
    • The New Nordic emphasizes rye, barley and oats for whole grains
    • The New Nordic emphasizes lots of berries
    • The New Nordic focuses on seasonal, regional foods

Let's Make It Work:

  1. More fruit and vegetables every day (think: berries, cabbages, root vegetables, legumes, potatoes and herbs)
  2. More whole grain, especially oats, rye and barley
  3. More food from the seas and lakes
  4. Higher-quality meat, but less of it
  5. More food from wild landscapes
  6. Organic produce, whenever possible
  7. Avoid food additives
  8. More meals based on seasonal produce
  9. More home-cooked food
  10. Less waste

You can see where I got this list and read more about the New Nordic Diet here. You don't have to run out and look for a reindeer burger just yet. However, checking into the New Nordic Diet is another healthy-eating alternative that will help to lower inflammation and all of its related diseases and pain that attack our bodies caused by the Standard American Diet. It may also be a little more functional to obtain and maintain for those of us who live north of Interstate 70 in the U.S. than the Mediterranean Diet.

To Your Health,

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