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  • Single Leg Exercises for Balance and Core

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    Single Leg Exercises for Balance and Core

    I hope you are having a good week! Here is this week's installment of our video blog. It is one of my favorite exercises. You can do it anywhere! If you find it difficult at first, keep at it. You will see improvement faster than you think. It is an easy way to train both balance and core muscles without a lot of movement.

    Download Your Single Leg Exercises PDF

    Stop if it produces pain and, as always, call with questions!

    Care Chiropractic

    Lafayette, Indiana

  • How To Use A Pressure Point Ball

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    This week's video is on how to use a Pressure Point Ball to remove knots and relieve tight muscles! Who couldn't use a little of that this week? I have been giving some version of this as home therapy for over twenty years and it is by far the most popular! I have people coming in literally years later and telling me they still use their tennis ball. I hope you find it helpful. As always, call with questions!

    How To Use A Pressure Point Ball

    Download Your Trigger Point Therapy PDF

    Yours in Health,

    Care Chiropractic

    Lafayette, Indiana

  • Best Two Home Stretches for the Spine

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    I hope you found last week's video on how to sit properly at home helpful. This week, we are going to go over my two favorite stretches for the spine. They hit the neck and shoulders and the lower back and hips. They don't take long and can really help open up locked up posture. As always, call with any questions!

    Best Two Spine Stretches

    Download Your Big Two Stretches PDF

    Stay healthy and stay moving!

    Care Chiropractic

    Lafayette, Indiana

  • How to Sit At Home

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    We are trying something new this week: video!

    I have always wanted to try sending out some video and I have a little time right now. Truthfully, you can convey some things on video easier than in a print form. These will be short informative videos of things you can be doing for your health on your own.

    This week's topic is how to avoid the pain from sitting around too much and working from home. Watch the video and give it a try!

    How to Sit at Home

    Download Our Spine Stacking PDF

    Have a good week and stay healthy!

    Care Chiropractic

    Lafayette, Indiana


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