• Shocking New Discovery: Lose 100 Pounds, Add 100 Years!

    Filed to Foundational Health, Secrets from the Vault

    Yeah... Not really. Welcome to 2019, everyone! I have been racking my brain all week on what I was going to cover in this week's blog. Last year, we covered the Paleo Approach to health. You can find that and a host of other useful information (if I do say so myself) on our blog.

  • Let's Get Moving

    Filed to Paleo

    HAPPY NEW YEAR... LET'S GET MOVING! What is more natural than wanting to get out and get moving after the holidays? It is the new American tradition: overindulge over Christmas and New Years, then resolve to get in shape, starting in January! We have all been there... and a lot of us find ourselves there right now!

  • Vitamin D

    Filed to Paleo, Sleep

    Last week, we covered the benefits of sunshine and found many are related to how it ramps up our body's production of Vitamin D. This week, we are going to look specifically at the role Vitamin D plays in health (or lack thereof). If you are just joining us, we are hitting some of the highlights of the Paleo Movement, as outlined by a special edition of Paleo Magazine entitled: "Go Paleo: The Step-by-Step Guide."

  • Sunshine... Where are You?

    Filed to Paleo, Sleep

    Sunshine... Where are You? If you live in Indiana and are like me, you have been asking this question a lot the last few weeks! Most of us intuitively look for and like to see the sun. I work on a number of people who actually like the cold (and even the snow), but I have yet to find someone who would prefer to have overcast days on a steady basis.

  • Unplugging

    Filed to Paleo, Sleep

    I am struck by the irony of this week's topic being communicated via computer. I feel like a hypocrite already! Honestly, this may be the most important topic we explore in our series on the Paleo Lifestyle. In case you are just now joining us, we are working our way through a special edition of Paleo Magazine - "Going Paleo: The Step by Step Guide." You can catch up on other articles in this series on our blog. Unplugging, for the purpose of this article, is the intentional consideration of how, why, and how much to use our electronic devices. There is no doubt that the inter-connectivity of our world via computers, phones, and social media has opened up amazing possibilities in knowledge, relationships, and communication.

  • 7 Steps to Perfect Sleep

    Filed to Paleo, Sleep

    Thanks for joining us this month on our journey through exploring the Paleo Lifestyle. You can catch up on previous posts at the blog. We have been working our way through a special edition of Paleo Magazine entitled Go Paleo: The Step-By-Step Guide. Today, we are going to review "7 Steps to Perfect Sleep" by Melani Schweder.

  • We Interrupt This Program...

    Filed to Updates

    Wow! The last newsletter I sent out was March 14th, 2018. Where did the time go? I hope those of you whom I haven't seen in the office since then are doing well. The main reason for the interruption of this series on Exploring the Paleo Lifestyle was the unfortunate passing of one of my younger brothers, Mathew Albert Williams.

  • Protecting Your Sleep

    Filed to Paleo, Sleep

    If you are just joining us, we are working through Paleo Magazine's special edition of "Go Paleo: The Step-By-Step Guide" to look at how our pre-industrial ancestors lived. Part of the reason the Paleo movement has taken off is because a lot of the diseases we deal with today, like cancer, heart disease, autoimmune issues, etc., were not nearly as prevalent.

  • How Much Sleep Do You Need?

    Filed to Paleo, Sleep

    If you are just joining us, we are in the middle of exploring the "Paleo" health concepts. Paleo originally came to the forefront as a movement that followed the way pre-industrial humans tended to eat. It has expanded over the last several years to include other items like, sleep, exercise and community, among other things


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